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When using the Professional Touch, or your HOTFIX heating tool:

When using an iron:


When using your HOTFIX heating tool:

How long should you allow the tool to heat up?

5-8 minutes.

Why do the crystals sometimes get stuck to the tip of the tool?

Stones can get ‘stuck’ if the tool is ‘pushed’ too hard on top of crystal.

What is the best way to remove them?

Stick a needle point or pin into the slot of the brass tip – then, while holding the crystal on the garment – lift the tool off.

How long should you apply pressure to the crystal to have it best adhere?

15-20 seconds to heat the crystal – then a 1-2 second touch to the fabric is all that’s needed.

Can the heat burn or damage material such as silk and wool?

NO - if done correctly. Yes - if the tool is ‘jammed’ or ‘pushed’ too hard into the garment material.


The day after applying, I tried to pick the crystals off, and the only thing they held well to was a very porous, cotton fabric. It did not hold well on the leather, ceramic, and tight weave cotton materials she tried. What did I do wrong?

Three types of material are NO and will NOT hold. 1. Leather. 2. Water repellant material, like umbrella. 3. Ceramic – NO, is meant for garments.

The glue went through the collar of the shirt she was working on and began to adhere to the fabric behind it - is this normal?

No, not normal – glue ‘spread’ is caused by overheating & overholding. Tip - put a sheet of common wax paper or Teflon paper in the middle of the 2 layers.

Should we be working on a special surface?

Most beneficial is a flat, hard surface. Do not use a soft, flexible surface.


Any tips for gluing on ceramics, leather, paper?

Best bet is a 2-part epoxy with 5-minute, 1-hour or 4-hour curing/drying. Like E6000 glue.

When using an iron:

Do I need to use a special paper or other material between the iron and the crystal?

For best results - put a sheet of common wax paper or Teflon paper in the middle of the 2 layers.

How hot can the iron be?

340 degrees maximum. Anywhere around 300 degrees should be fine.

Any suggestions for keeping the design in place while ironing?

For best results - put a sheet of transfer paper placed over the top of the design.

How long should I apply heat to the crystals?

Long enough to melt the adhesive. Note - temperature, dwell time, pressure are the 3 variables – depends on size of design & material.


Can Hotfix be dry-cleaned, washed in hot water or placed in the dryer?

Wash – yes; Dry – yes; Dry Clean – yes. For best results – turn garment inside out or place in a closable laundry bag and wash on delicate.